Carlos Clop

Meet the man behind Club de Ciegos de Colón.

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Carlos Clop is an inspiration.

For 12 years, he has led Club de Ciegos de Colón, a community of visually disabled individuals.

Clop was in his fifties and working for a mining company when the doctors noticed cataracts.

Doctors implanted new lenses in his eyes, but made a mistake. In a few years, he lost his sight entirely.

After surfacing from a year-long depression, Clop found our club.

"I found that life wasn't finished for me," he said. He became an active member, and eventually its leader and strongest advocate.

Clop said his main goal is to prepare members for jobs, and he encourages them to be self-sufficient.

He's a passionate lobbyist, and constantly approaches the government and companies, looking for funding. His wife and family love and support him, while admiring his independence.

Once, his wife says, the family car broke down and Clop got out in the pouring rain and fixed it.

Clop daily makes his way down an uneven embankment below his house to a bustling road and back, all on his own. He rides the public bus.

Clop strives to provide clothing, food, and education for the blind in Colon. Members live together, work together, and most importantly, they support each other, overcoming a society that has always said "you can't."

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