Our History

Club de Ciegos de Colón was founded in 1965.

Our goal is to help visually disabled people get jobs and live normal lives.

We encourage our members to be self-sufficient. We teach household skills, special skills like walking with a cane and job skills.

Twelve of our male members live at the center in Colón, because their families can't support them.

That's not all. Members learn to use computers, printers, and the Internet. Our own Luz Maria Gavalo teaches adults and children.

These skills help members like Rigoberto Wells find jobs. "If there's one thing I've learned from being here, it is that we're all the same, just people," he says.

We can't pay for a full time staff, so everyone helps the best he or she can.

"Having one or two volunteers or full time workers would make a great difference," says Carlos Clop, our president.

If we had more money and help, we would like:

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